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    Default Spring isolators

    Quick question.. other then price.. anyone see any difference from using sve, bbk or porthene brands of spring isolators.. ive always used prothene but decided to try sve.. thanks

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    I used BBK on my 84, simply because they were on sale. No issues to report with them.

    I'm not really sure it matters much though. Anything should be better than the old rotten rubber ones that are usually on these cars.
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    I have usually bought either Energy Suspension or Prothane and mostly Prothane lately. Haven't noticed any real difference between the two. As Brock stated, Anything new is most likely better than the old rotten original pieces.

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    If price is a concern, Amazon carries a lot of urethane components. I did front and rear spring isolators, sway bay, end links, etc at a fraction of the cost expected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxkiller View Post
    Quick question.. other then price.. anyone see any difference from using sve, bbk or porthene brands of spring isolators.. ive always used prothene but decided to try sve.. thanks
    I've never tried porthene or prothene, but the Prothane isolators work well.

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    Haha porthene.. sorry for the miss spell.. ment prothene.. just was curious on the differences.. ive always used energy or prothene for all my poly suspension parts.. but this time i wanted to try other brand and see.. sometimes i get the feeling its all about advertising that ur paying the higher price for when there are multiple companies making the same thing..

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    I have noticed when using urethane parts over stock rubber that it add inches to ur suspension.. so sometimes ill use a mix of new/ old rubber and urethane on the spring to get the height im looking for..
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    In a pinch hit your local plumbing department. There are seals that stand up to water for a very long time and smash out nicely for a lowered look.

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    Other than more road noise is there any issues with not using the spring isolators? I only ask because out of the 3 i have none of them had the isolators in place.

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    Metal on metal contact Springs would over a long time wear a holes in arm and body, also spring would bind from spring ends digging into parts.. my guess..

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    How hard is it to change the Rear Spring Isolators? I looked at mine and they are rock hard. I ordered these.

    Thank you

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