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    Default 1982 Dutch Mustang Racecar

    Stumbled across this car while surfing the net.
    I didnt know any four eyes raced in Europe back in the day.
    Maybe Michael Kranefuss had something to do with it, or someone else at SVO.
    Ad says it started life as a 1982, but it has 1983 sheet metal in the first picture, then an 86 nose. The youtube video of the car racing in 1987 shows 1982 tail lights.
    I wonder if it was a 2.3 Turbo

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    € 100,000
    Ford Mustang Group A DTM

    For Sale,
    1982 Ford Mustang Group A
    Build by Vince Woodman (GB)
    CC Racing

    Driven by Philippe Martin /Jean-Michel Martin /Vince Woodman
    in 1983 24h of Spa-Francorchamps

    Driven by Belmondo / Feitler / Felder
    24h Spa-Francorchamps 1985

    DTM in 1985/1986/1987 by Reinhold Gröpper

    Driven by Bert Moritz
    Group A at Zandvoort

    Car is totally disassembled
    New engine must be build

    Price is including rebuild of the car.
    ex. the engine

    Contact Patrick Moritz
    +31 (0)6-48251631 for more information
    Seller: moritzracing
    John Moritz
    Country: Netherlands
    Phone: 0031206862709
    Currency: EUR
    Seller: Private
    Price: €100,000
    Added: 02/05/2015
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    Is that 100,000 Euro?

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    I like the first pic. Almost looks like it is getting crossed up a bit.
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    Roush engined and equipped with ALCON brakes. Fun fact, per the ETCC, the cars had to keep the same number of carburetor venturis as the OE model. So, the 82 version used a Holley 500.

    There is a discussion of this car on 10-Tenths.

    The sheetmetal was updated throughout the years to make it look 'current'.

    I'd give me first born for this car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xctasy View Post

    SVO was set up in 1981. The first Mustang was the European Touring Car Challenge/DTM Klaus Niedzwiedz Mustang, most likely a 2v GT. So DJR could have been an 82, its possible. Dick Confirms his Zakspeed car was ex Klaus Niedzwiedz, NO PICTURES

    Looking at Paul Kooymans perfect photo's, it looks like the first 4V 83 GT European outing was July 31, 1983 at the Spa 24 hrs. Pilots were Philippe Martin (B)/Jean-Michel Martin (B)/Vince Woodman (GB)

    Later, Zakspeed took the 4-bbl 83 spec Mustang, not the 82 since it would have been a 2-bbl. The compliance work was then done very quickly, but they used a huge amount of Group 2 parts for which they already had ETCC approval, so the first Paul Belmondo 24 HR Spa Mustang GT July 29 1984 was a 83 compliant Group A car with 100% 4v engine, but BMW Getrag 265 series 5 speed, German Capri brakes and a Roush engine tune pretty close to the early 79 Indy Pace Cars. But the details were poor, with not more than 260 hp in the example Dick Johnson dynoed at Brisbane Engine Reconditioners. That's why it didn't do so well.

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