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    Question '84 t-top notch

    hi everyone, just wanted some feedback on an '84 t-top coupe i just picked up. it's an M code car with F.I. and an auto. it appears to be a late production car as it has some '85 engine & suspension bits. the body buck tag has the "D" code on it for the t-tops but beyond that i haven't been able to find out much more. your guys help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    Got any pics?oh and welcome to the site.

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    The T-roof code on the Buck Tag is not "D", it is "TR".

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    Thumbs up '84 t-top

    i can post pics in the next couple of days. thanks for the correction on the coding, i must've misread the info i was able to find (some came from the Mustang & Fords '86 t-top coupe project).

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    The T-roof on that MM&FF coupe is not "factory" original - T-roof was N/A on coupes after '84 - so it wouldn't have the codes. Besides that, all of the stickers, plates, and sheets are missing from that car.

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