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    Default Hurst shifter boot

    I am using a Hurst shifter and am wondering what shifter boot others are using. I have an 84 convertible with an old (rubber?) shifter boot and it's getting beat up. I was looking at the replacement boot from LMR and they say it leather and I'm not sure the shifter will fit through the hole. I would like to see most of the shifter, Any suggestions?


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    Back in the day I’ve seen the 1994 and up Gt/cobra’s boots used, came in colors also…..

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    Thanks, I'll look into it.

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    You might be able to use the Hurst embossed, leather boot that was used in the Mustang SVOs. The opening on the top of the boot might be big enough. Just lose the plastic washer they used at the top.
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    Thanks, I was wondering if the new replacement boots had that washer.


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