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    Default 86 Gt BBK equal length headers don't fit

    I'm looking for some help, I've recently installed some bbk equal length headers and the passenger side header will not line up, I'm scratching my head. Possibly Hitting on something

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    Is this in a regular body or convertible? Might look and see if it's hitting the starter, or something in that area...
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    Fwiw, the driver's-side is where most people have issues - with headers hitting the steering shaft/etc.

    Iirc, there's not much to interfere on the passenger-side. Although, the access to bolts sucks on the passenger-side.
    Many use shorty wrenches, many will custom bend and cut a wrench. Imho, it's better to sacrifice an ~$10 wrench, then to sit there with your thumb up your *ss complaining, bitching, and throwing a hissy fit. :-)

    Btw, fwiw, if the bolts aren't torqued properly, they will become loose.

    Good Luck!
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    When I installed my BBK equals I had issues on both sides, with steering shaft as mentioned above and the passenger side was hitting the top of the K-member. New polyurethane engine mounts solved the issue for me. I assume my 22-year old (at the time) factory engine mounts were sagging enough to cause the interference.

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    ANOTHER BBK thread? Sorry, their stuff is Chinese crap. Sorry about your luck. Your post is 13 days old and I can't believe nobody has piled on. I think everyone else is tired of telling their story again, LOL. I am convinced (with no actual factual evidence) that they do not do ANY test fitting on an actual production vehicle. They buy like the CAD drawings from Ford of a car and then design their products based on that. They don't EVER actually test it on an actual car. They can't. Their products just fit too terrible for it to be so. I fell for it once and I tried to install some of their parts. It's a joke but I used to reply to these posts that I bought an H Pipe from them for a Mustang and it had a better chance of fitting a Dodge Diesel RAM truck then a Mustang. I am not sure how far off joke is. Put them on Craigslist and cut your losses.
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