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    Default Best plan of action for this broken bolt?

    I had to remove the AC compressor to get at a stuck distributor. Of course broke this bolt head off the mounting bracket.

    I originally tried successively larger drill bits hoping it would kind of crumble out, but I am almost to the original threads and that never happened. I also tried using spiral bolt extractors along the way and the old bolt wouldn't budge.

    Do I go with a tap and die set (maybe not enough clearance here and I would really like to avoid removing the whole bracket since I don't want to risk more broken bolts).

    Maybe thinner bolt with washer and nut?

    Or do I trie a rethreading kit where you drill a whole and put in an insert sleeve? Appreciate any advice.

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    If you have enough meat left to tap it for a smaller bolt, I believe I'd go that route. Maybe use a grade 8 bolt for a little extra strength. The next time you have it apart, you could address it properly.
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    Easiest route I would think is to just get a new bracket.

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    I could be wrong but isn't the bracket aluminum? Heat is your friend as aluminum expands more than steel.
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    Do you have a welder?

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    It is a small aluminum bracket. Remove it so you can work on it easier. It's only held in with one bolt and the long stud, that you can remove also.
    Then you can use a chisel and tap the bolt inward toward the center to help collapse it and break the tension.

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    If you can, use heat while removing bolts.

    You need to get all of the old bolt out. Otherwise, you'll have material that won't be strong or steady.
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    Good Luck!

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