Hey everyone.

Finally getting around to finishing my 79 capri with an SVO swap. I figured a document some things on YouTube and will post the link below. Feel free to check it out. And if its not allowed, remove as needed. But. Here is the skinny and what im looking to make right. If anyone has any insight or tips, im all ears ..
79 RS Turbo
Swapped in 1986 svo powertrain (no svo dash harness) pe computer and harness is stand alone

-I need to wire up the premium fuel switch
-Get the fans to be controlled by the computer
-Im having a hard time getting a nice engaging clutch pedal (new clutch,dogbone delete, 3 hook quadrant and adj)
-Redo fuel system
- swap in good injectors

The first 3 there are what im most lost on. Again, i appreciate any help! Link below