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    Default Door bottom rust

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    Anyone seen corrosion like this here? Up close it looks like a bad clad weld, just to the left of the nut. It may be a low spot that doesn't drain well and it's only on the driver door.
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    My '84 has the same issue.

    My unsupported theory is that the drivers window is down with an arm resting on the "Dew wipes" much more the passenger side. This will deform the weather strip just enough to let rainwater in. All you need is one drain hole plugged and water sits and starts the rust process.

    Just a supposition...
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    I live in West Virginia. I've never seen a door bottom that clean.
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    Good to know and that makes sense. When I repair it I may leave a drain hole there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broncojunkie View Post
    I live in West Virginia. I've never seen a door bottom that clean.
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