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    Very good idea. Thank you for sharing.

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    Default Battery

    I have an original battery that i use for show. It's not perfect but I can provide some pics if needed.
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    I have just updated the BXT 56 and 58 stickers.
    I took pictures and measured one at a car show last week.
    The measurements, wording and UPC are now correct.

    The Autolite and Canadian tops have always been correct.
    Lots of FREE F/Z info on my site.

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    I'm a couple years late maybe..........but is it still possible to buy these labels? I have an original '79 pace car that would look really great with this motorcraft "clone" battery.

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    Hey 417davidk- don't feel bad, I am also late to this party- it must be a southwest MO thing! I just bought a new motorcraft battery but would much prefer to have a clone of the original. Hopefully we can get this topic going again.

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    PM red78. He can let you know.
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