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DSCI02411 The 138tooth Outside Dia flexplate about 11.4" with code 3C379 81 mates to this C3 Bordeux trans. Made from 1973 to 1989, its able to take only about 200 lb-ft in a 3000 pound car before it dies. It was a 2.8 Injection Granada option, a 160 lb-ft 3000 pound car. Mustang is 156 lb-ft in 2622 pounds.

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06-12-2012, 09:28 AM
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  1. chrlsful
    A Radio~Flyer w/an auto transmission !
    Kouwell !
  2. xctasy
    Thought youd like it Mr C ;-). I got it as a photo from ebay a while back
  3. chrlsful
    like it beddah den da C3!

    My fox waggy fell thru. Seems the new sales place (FB MrktPlace) is just a place where they wave it around "Lookit what I got" - just like our current Prez (w/his lill tiny thing "Lookit mine !") all ego, no sales. U post up, they give lill to no info, U when ask 'when can U come view' (states away) never a post back...sad.

    Ran inta a guy in Chicago - goes dwn to TX (a dry southern state) & hauls back the fox stang, he/his mates jump on it - make a mean mo`chine & resell. Cool buznes, no? All he needs right now is a truck/sm trailer. He flys, rents a lrg SUV, goes to local U-Haul for a tralier...tried to get him to take care of himself w/ownership, not interested, rent'n fly he sez...(may B dat is cheeper?)...he finds the samethong - show'n tell/no sales, somewhat discurtious responses, mean ppl.... He's even connected me to a few - those? same...These cars must B gettin rare, surprised U gota JDM. Luv a hatch, also the rear wiper! I need to find a way to get 1 on the waggy (it hasa flip up lill rear window) if I get one. Got some ideas...
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