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    Default NE 1 have a factory shop manuals? I'm looking for PV Valve specs...

    I'm trying to compile/compare a list of "all" (Fox and SN) Mustang Proportioning Valve specs and they should be in the factory manuals. If anyone who has factory service manuals would like to help, I'd certainly appreciate if you could post up what the manuals state... I'm looking for the split and slope specs...

    Here's what I have already. I've noted the sources of only a few specific valves because those are the only Ford published ones I could find. The others are what random folks on the net have provided not stating the source...

    '84 to '86 SVO- 200 psi split / .28 slope (Ford Service Manual)

    '87 to '93 Fox (Unknown Engine)- 300 psi split / .28 slope

    '93 Cobra R- 250 psi split / .36 slope

    '95 Mustang Cobra R- 400 psi split / .43 slope

    '94-'95 Cobras- 250 psi split / .36 slope

    '94-98 V6 and GT- 400 psi split / .42 slope

    '96-98 Cobra- 350 psi split / .36 slope

    '99-'04 Mustang (Unknown Engine)- 700 psi split / .43 slope

    (Mods, please feel free to relocate the thread if need be...)
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