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    Please check with and PM

    Ask Roger (behind the Dark Red car , white shirt no jacket, was a fuel engineer)

    The dark red Mercury Capri

    There was another power-train engineer who discussed the turbo 2.3 gearbox development and vibration and noise updates last year. Those guys normally hang out with certifications, so they have access to development info.

    An earlier non EFi fuel engineer will help you out.

    His dad is a retired Ford engineer as well. He worked at Ford for forty years. In the eighties he worked in engine development and SVO.

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    Ok so a few more hours in and we are 90% through the vacuum line tracing/fixing. I've added the two lines for the A/C side (right) SOLV and part of the anti-backfire device as well as completed the A/CL BI MET lines. She is idling and running very well and spools great except for now after the other vacuum fixes I have a concerning carb backfire/poof with a cloud of black smoke when on full throttle and I put the clutch in to shift gears (so much for adding in the anti-backfire device!). If I make very slow shifts it's no problem. This is no buenos and must be fixed so I won't do any further full pulls. I'm sourcing the missing A/CL TVS from National Parts Depot so I can fully connect the AIR BPV/ANTI BF system which I hope will solve this issue as I don't want to blow up the turbo carbon seal. I am doubtful but may play with the timing again in the meantime.

    My AFR gauge still does not read at idle by wiring directly to battery so I think it needs to be replaced in order to trust the readings for fine tuning.

    I do not see the FLTR that connects to the AIR BPV in my engine compartment as that upper port is closed. Does anyone know what it's function is and have a picture of said FLTR?

    Finally this is the Vacuum Control Valve right?

    This pic is my old setup with lower VCV port going to the IVV and the other to the air port next to the primary carb mixture screw. The IVV lines are now fixed per the VECI diagram (to small A/CL CWM port and to the formerly open EGR port) but the VCV lower port is now open which is supposed to go to the E port on the carb with a SA FV which I also don't have). It is supposed to go to a tee then to the VDV then to the purge canister center line which is also open at the moment. Looks like I need to source a VDV and SA-FV in order to finalize all of this.

    Lastly I have a large vacuum line (turquoise stripe) running from the firewall RT corner area to the large A/CL CWM port but I can't ID this Line on the VECI. Anyone know what this does? Does the stripe designate something specific? At the split valve one goes in the firewall behind the glove box somewhere while the other one disappears behind the fender.

    Here's my Purge CV with middle orange?/pink? (it splits into two lines not sure why as the VECI only shows as single line; same thing on the Left SOLV lines where both split into two then back to one...strange) that needs to route to VCV.
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