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    DH, youre the best. May your back get a repreave now , and your 14 year old know his 11 year quest has yeilded the best prize of all. I love your work done together.

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    An incredible journey, and an awesome result. Congratulations!

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    Thanks for all the support guys. Tons of memories here and with my son on this journey. This year we'll make more with many local outings and back road drives. He's turning 15 next week and is all over the map with what car to buy so I'm sure a new project is on the horizon.

    Next up brakes, get the rear speakers talking with the Kenwood and some more fiddling on small stuff. Maybe in the next year or so I'll contemplate getting the body and paint back in shape but I'm dreading the thought of leaving it somewhere else other than my garage.
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    Congrats on working the kinks out. Amazing car. How bad is the paint? Original? If so, maybe some paint correction and touch-ups here and there to preserve its originality.

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