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    As Rick mentioned above the entire lens is tinted to the color for the different year models. You either have to swap the entire HVAC unit out for the correct year model/color or swap the front face plate from one unit to another to change colors. To swap the face plate you have to drill out the melted tabs that holds the face plate onto the unit. Hope that helps!

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    I didn’t know that..thanks guys.its staying for he time being..I’ll have to switch it out in the future.

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    Default curiosity finds burnt FAN bulb

    Thanks you guys for reviving old thread with HVAC panel details.
    More valuable as time goes on.

    Thanks Hissing Cobra.
    Directly helped find out why a 'something somewhere' has not looked the same as remembered.
    Gosh may have been years now. Prob would have never fixed that FAN bulb.
    Feel is special getting or keeping even minor parts on an old car functioning correctly as new.

    Came up with 2 answers for this post. And a short repair story (again):
    -"Now it lights up when it's on. Is this correct or wrong?"
    Correct. Lit when R DEF is on.

    -"Lights up the wrong color.looks white or green?where can I get the correct orange bulbs for this?"
    HVAC panel's color masks are backlit with regular clear bulbs. 1979 for one, per owners manual.
    Can use colored bulb to enrich color if mask has faded, as the warning lights panel masks do.

    FAN bulb story:
    Another time when one sits down with a cup of coffee to check site.
    And wind up spending hours. For the better. A closer look at unfamiliar parts of the car.

    Now can verify, at least on my '79, there are 2 bulbs for R DEF and FAN. See pic below.
    Panel is original. Non-A/C car.
    R DEF #1 lights when R DEF is on. Orange dot mask.
    FAN bulb #2 lights with panel lighting. Green/blue mask same as TEMP section.
    Believe a 3rd bulb lights TEMPERATURE HEAT DEFROST OFF section. Dint look.

    Got curious reading the R DEF bulb post. But why the inset 'FAN' panel detail? Could-and not remember it being lit.
    Went out and pulled panel out a little for a documented pic of R DEF light socket config, 1979.
    Two sockets? One for FAN too? Oh yah? Daytime. Used towel as 'dark room'. Turned panel lights on.
    Sure enough, FAN bulb was not lit.
    Decided to check FAN bulb while panel was pulled out.
    Aha. Found burnt out FAN bulb. Clear, #1892, mini bayonet, is .75 (CP), 14.4v.
    Same as am/fm radio STEREO ind. bulb, ashtray. Have spares from pic a part visits.
    But owners manual specs #161 (wedge). Nope. 1892 was in there. Metal socket is push/pull fit.

    Did not pull out R DEF bulb directly above FAN bulb. Should have. Manual states bulb is assy D3AZ-18C622A.
    Don't know what that is, but looks like the same socket, assuming bulb too, as FAN.

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    It's not a difficult process to switch the face plate out. I did it on my 84 GT. My original HVAC control was binding when you tried to change the settings. I located a nice one out of an 83 LX and used the mechanism out of that and transplanted the face plate from my 84. It works perfect now.
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