First, please give the search feature a try, and don't forget the tag search. If you cannot find your answers there, you still may find information that can help you craft your questions more precisely. The more information you can give about your problem, the easier it is for others to help you out.

Second, when you do post a new thread, PLEASE do not use titles like "HELP ME!", "NEED help FAST!" or any other title that gives absolutely NO indication of the thread content. It doesn't make other members curious enough to click the thread, it typically makes them pass the thread over and lessens your chances of getting the assistance you need.

Third, please add tags to your threads, if you have the capability (most, but not all, users have the ability to do so). The tag space is just below the area where you enter the body text of your post. This is especially important if you are dealing with parts or features of the car that are commonly referred to in three letters or less, like CFI, EFI, MSD, PS, PB, O2, A9L, etc. When the regular search feature can't be used, the tag search CAN.

Fourth, please use Tech forums for TECH. This means use it to ask questions, give answers and post detailed "how-to" threads. Please use General BS, Online Car Show, or any other appropriate forum for showing off your car, talking about projects without asking direct questions, or chatting about cars in general.

Finally, if you want FEP members to help you with a problem pertaining to a car that is NOT covered by this site, we have created a forum for NON-Early Fox Tech. Threads related to cars not addressed by FEP will be moved to that area.