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    Default Capri Cowl Hood -Needed! (ps - I'm Back)

    Ok, I took about a 3 year break but the covers off and she's coming out this spring. I need a cowl hood 2.5" or 3". I saw a few posts where guys are saying they can get an HO fibertrends for $279. I can only find then for 375-399 plus 100 for shipping. Any leads? or better yet anyone got one they want to sell?

    Second - Does any one have or can anyone get pictures of the finishe vs. unfinshed undersides?

    Third - I plan on cutting into it right away to put the capri vents into it! Must stay true to the Capri DNA! I will take pics and post notes!

    Sorry I've been away so long - BTW WTF happend to the Capri forum?
    - Ed

    '85 Capri RS - "1BADMERC" -'00 GT40P motor & heads, Edelbrock RPM/Holley 650, E303 cam, full length BBK ceramics,5spd/flowmaster 2-chambers/373's
    5 Lug conversion, cobra discs on all four corners, 1" drop

    My cowl hood thread:

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    u have a pm
    1983 Mercury Capri Crimson Cat 5.0 4 speed t tops
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    1990 Ford Mustang notch 5.0 5 speed
    pro 5.0 shifter, aluminum driveshaft, 3.73 rear, ud pulleys, prothane mounts, mac headers, flowmaster cat back, o/r h-pipe, lowered
    1971 IH Scout 800b all original 232 thrift six 3 speed
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    2001 Honda Insight Hybrid.. Best ave. 87.1 mpg!!!!!

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    Not sure where you are in NY, but HO Fibertrends is liley at the Columbus Ford swap this weekend. At swaps like that, NMRA races, etc you can get their hood no ship, no box fee, and they usually drop $20-40 as a special.

    As for you pictures, here is a HO hood on my Capri.

    There are als oa bunch of unfinished pics in this album. click the link and click next ot page through the pictures

    Bob Myers
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    Boy Martin0660, that is one hell of nice looking car!! Congrats!!!

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