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    Default Mexican Mustang engine options?

    Did the mexican mustangs have the same engine options as the US versions. I ask because in one of these threads there are underhood pictures, and the engines look to have an aircleaner from a 1970 LTD or something, big and blue... not sure if these are even factory engines in these cars. Seeing it just sparked the question in my head.
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    Same engines, but different carbs/induction as far as I know.

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    This is very old, but just to correct the info if anyone cares for future reference:

    Only engine offered was the non- HO 5.0 liter 8 cylinder. I donīt know the exact HP numbers from that time but Iīm sure power was between 140 and 160 HP.

    The only HO engine offered was on the 84 SVO Mustang.

    No four cylinder, turbos or V6s offered.

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