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    Default 84 Turbo RS build sheet

    Fox Chassis, what are you able to tell me about this. I'm particularly interested in the A/C info. Hopefully you can read it.

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    Here's a better size to read, the ink is faint on the actual sheet.

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    84 Capri RS Turbo
    Vinemont, AL (formerly El Mirage, AZ)
    USAF 1986-2007 (Ret)

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    If the car had A/C it would show up on line B4. Looks like that line is blank on your build sheet. Another way to tell info about the car is to look on the buck tag - it shows it there as well.

    If it is not on the build sheet, it's my money is that it's not on the buck tag either.
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    I thought all along it was dealer air. I have the under dash pull handle that opens the cowl vent. Never saw that on a "real" A/C car, plus under the hood didn't look right. I wasn't sure if a blank on the build sheet meant "no got" or what. Thanks!
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    Vinemont, AL (formerly El Mirage, AZ)
    USAF 1986-2007 (Ret)

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    How about sharing some pics of the underhood AC (and the rest of the car while you're at it).

    My 84 RS Turbo has factory air (kind of tough to see in this picture):
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    I don't have any shots of the underhood yet. I just posted some shots in the "Resto Related" area of the outside. Where mine looked "off" was with the A/C hoses, not quite factory. The car is at my mother's garage at the moment as I haven't brought it over to mine from when I retired from the USAF. Moving cross country sucks. I have the room now, just no transport method. Yet.
    84 Capri RS Turbo
    Vinemont, AL (formerly El Mirage, AZ)
    USAF 1986-2007 (Ret)

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    I've been doing digging of late and I don't know if Foxchassis ever did a decode on my build sheet/buck tag. I've got both in albums on my profile, but they're here too.

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    84 Capri RS Turbo
    Vinemont, AL (formerly El Mirage, AZ)
    USAF 1986-2007 (Ret)

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    1ME = Mercury vehicle manufactured in USA by Ford Motor Company
    B = active belts, no airbags
    P = passenger car
    79 = Capri 3-door sedan (hatchback)
    W = EFI turbocharged 2.3L engine
    6 = VIN check digit
    E = 1984 model year
    F = Dearborn Assembly
    615028 = 15,028th 1984 Mercury scheduled for production at Dearborn Assembly

    Buck Tag
    CAPRI = Capri model line
    615028 = 15,028th 1984 Mercury scheduled for production at Dearborn Assembly
    61D = Capri 3-dr hatchback
    W = EFI turbocharged 2.3L engine
    TR = T-roof
    0541 = body & paint rotations #0541
    9W = Dark Charcoal Metallic exterior paint color
    RS = tri-color lower paint (Silver Metallic lower w/ Coral/Yellow Orange tape stripe)
    06 = YES rear defrost
    HB = heated backlite (rear defrost)
    TRS = Turbo RS model/trim level
    PW = power side windows (no power door locks)
    MBW = manual Borg Warner transmission (5-speed T-5)
    04 = vents in hood, 'bulge' hood scoop
    -A = Charcoal interior trim color
    EI = electronic injection (EFI)
    4 = T-roof door with power locks and/or power windows

    Build Sheet
    Line X
    840416 1614 = build sheet printed on April 16, 1984 at 4:14 PM

    Line A
    Rotations Number - 4967 = trim & chassis rotations #4967
    Line - F = Capri model line
    VIN - P79EF615028 = [VIN decoded above]
    Body Type - 61D = Capri 3-dr hatchback
    Body, Tops, Roof - H = T-roof
    Ext, Paint, Body - 9W = Dark Charcoal Metallic exterior paint color
    Ext, Paint, Accent - 1E = Silver Metallic lower (also w/ Coral/Yellow Orange tape stripe aka 'tri-color paint')
    Ext, Tutone - [blank] = no tu-tone paint
    Int, Trim - PA = cloth Articulated Sport seating (P), Charcoal interior trim color (A)
    Int, Deviation - [blank] = no interior trim deviation
    Int, Inst Bd - A = Charcoal instrument panel color
    Type of Order - 2 = Stock order
    Region & District - 41 = Chicago district sales office
    Special Order - [blank] = not a special order

    Line B
    Emission Control - [blank] = no special emissions system
    Engine - W = turbocharged non-intercooled 2.3L engine
    Trans - 2 = Borg Warner 'T-5' 5-speed manual overdrive transmission
    Air Cond - [blank] = no factory air conditioner
    Engine, Tag Number - 4G975AA = 50-state calibration (4), with or without A/C (G), turbocharged non-intercooled 2.3L engine (975), release level AA
    Transmission, Part Number - E3SR AA = manual transmission (R) originally engineered for 1983 (E3) Thunderbird (S), release level AA
    Seats, Type - V = Articulated Sport seating
    Belts, Color - A = Charcoal seat belts

    Line C
    Imm Block Heater - [blank] = no immersion engine block heater

    Line D
    Groups, Décor, Appear - R = RS
    Electrical, Wipers - W = interval windshield wipers
    Electrical, Defroster - E = electric rear window defrost
    Electrical, Audio, Radio - R = AM/FM stereo cassette radio
    Electrical, Audio, Spkrs - Z = four speakers with premium sound system
    Electrical, Lights, Light Group - V = visibility/light group
    Power Aids, Deklid Release - F = remote decklid release
    Power Aids, Locks - [blank] = no power door locks
    Power Aids, Windows - S = power side windows
    Glass, Tint - T = tinted glass
    Mouldings, Rocker - [blank] = no rocker panel moulding
    Road Abrasion - [blank] = no road abrasion coating
    Carpet/Mats - [blank] = no floor mats
    Stowage Area - D = cargo area cover
    Console - C = console
    Mirror, Vanity - P = passenger side vanity mirror
    Mirror, Outside - A = dual mirrors

    Line E
    Battery - DC = heavy duty battery (54 amp-hr)
    Driveline, Speed-O, E05 - [blank] = imperial speedometer
    Driveline, Rear Axle, Tag Number - 269E = 3.45:1 axle ratio, Traction-Lok (limited slip) differential
    Suspension, Springs, Front, Left - SAA = S front left spring code
    Suspension, Springs, Front, Right - SAA = S front right spring code
    Suspension, Springs, Rear, Left - GAC = X rear left spring code
    Suspension, Springs, Rear, Right - GAC = X rear right spring code
    Pkgs, Hndlng - X = Handling Suspension package

    Line F
    Wheel Area, Wheel Covers - K = TRX wheel center caps
    Wheel Area, Wheels 1/2 - XX = metric (TRX) forged aluminum wheels
    Tires, Size - 2205VR = P220/55VR390 tires (Michelin TRX)
    Tires, Color - [blank] = black sidewalls
    Tires, Spare - M = mini spare
    Tires, Quantity - 4 = four full size tires
    F28 - [blank] = no fingertip speed control
    Front End, Steering Wheel, Type of Col - T = tilt steering wheel
    Hood Scoop - L = hood scoop (vents in hood, 'bulge' hood scoop)
    Frt License Plate Bracket - X = front license plate bracket

    Line G
    Accent Stripe, Type/Color - K1 = Coral/Yellow Orange tape stripe
    VIN - 1MEBW = [VIN decoded above]
    Axle Tag Decoder
    Buck Tag Decoder
    Door Tag Decoder
    Owner Card Decoder
    Transmission Tag Decoder
    VIN Decoder

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    Thank you! I love minutia and this fits the bill. My car didn't come with floor mats, always thought they had just disappeared over the years.
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    84 Capri RS Turbo
    Vinemont, AL (formerly El Mirage, AZ)
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