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    Default I bought a bargin! IS FOR SALE!!!

    I just bought over the weekend an '84 Capri for no kidding $500 bucks cash! I even drove her home. She has some issues and the title has *salvage rebuilt* on it but she is dang near 100% complete. I wish my camera was working or I'd post some pic's she isn't bad. She has a 3.8 V6 with and auto tranny. I know that tranny has been taken out and replaced due to it being a 4 spd. She needs a little work to make her run top notch as the tranny slips a little and the trottlebody sticks and tries to flood herself at times. But when she is working right she takes off like no tomorrow. I put her up and over 85mph and was about to bend the needle when my exit on the hwy came up. The interior is intact but needs alot of help as it is a southern car. The seats and carpet are good but the plastic is really rough. Its complete but faded and blotchy.The car has been sitting a long while as I had to take the sway bar off today after finding out the mount had rusted off the frame. From about the A-arm forward to the front end mounts the frame is 85% gone due to a more then likely old battery explosion that wasn't cleaned up. It is a 100% fixable problem that you have to look for to find it. I love the car but I know she will be for sale shortly as I just bought her for a get around car until my '86 vert gets her new motor a 3.8 SC to replace her wornout 3.8CFI. Just had to tell some guys who actually care as we all know how wives can be!
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