Due to a combination of our rules and enforcement, and the generally great group of enthusiasts that this message board is fortunate to attract, we very seldom have bad deals go down on this site. However, internet fraud, or dishonest trading can still happen anywhere. This post is intended to give some tips on avoiding raw deals and possibly help you to resolve one if it happens.

Please remember that despite how much we do try to keep an eye on things, keep butchers off the site and try to watch for scammers and the dishonest, this website, FourEyedPride.com administrators and moderators are not responsible for transactions that take place here. Any and all transactions that occur due to contacts through this website are at your own risk.

1. If a user only has one post, or only uses the Classified area, be cautious. This does NOT automatically mean that someone with only one post or one who only has used the Classifieds is a con artist. It just means be careful. There may be a reason why they are not a participating member of this community - a legitimate reason or one of keeping a low profile in hopes of getting away with something. Bear this in mind.

2. If someone contacts you through the website somehow but is NOT a user, again, proceed with caution, if at all. This seems to be a way that many are trying in order to not get a bad rep on a site and minimize the amount of information anyone has on them. Again, someone honest may well be contacting you, but don't always assume that.

3. Know where your parts are coming from. If you're buying from someone here and you find out they are parting out cars that would have a good chance being sold whole, and it makes you uncomfortable, let us know. This does not mean the person will automatically be banned. It will be noted, and we will look into gathering more information about them.

We encourage all our members to NOT keep butchers in business, although we know that we certainly can not prevent it 100%. Butchers confirmed either on this site or elsewhere online will be summarily banned. Also realize that some butchers may be dealing in stolen parts. It's a long shot, but certainly a reason why some refuse to sell cars whole. Butchers also have an uncanny knack for having bad transactions. The folks who are the most infamous for parting out whole cars also manage to have a long list of unhappy customers.

4. Using Postal Money Orders, or sending payment by mail means that if the person commits fraud, they are also committing mail fraud. If you believe you are a victim of mail fraud, CLICK HERE.

5. Please use and read our Buyer/Seller experiences forum. The more feedback we have, the more confident people can be in their dealings here.

6. Please let a moderator or administrator know if you suspect someone of being a dishonest user of the Classifieds, or if you have had a negative experience.. We may not be able to make a judgment based on one opinion or experience, but all will be taken into consideration. Remember when you're telling us your side of the story, we only have your word to go on. However, if we get multiple complaints about a user, they will be gone.

7. C.O.D and Cashier's Checks are not fool-proof. Many people have discovered that if the person the COD is sent to denies it, the sender has to pay for it regardless. There's money lost. ALSO, many, many scams are happening with fake Cashier's Checks. A good number of people who do deals online will no longer accept Cashier's Checks. This is happening with both domestic and foreign Cashier's Checks. Be careful.

Remember, try to know who you're dealing with as best as you can, use all the resources you have, like the user's profile, the Search function and the Buyer/Seller Experiences forum.