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    Default Mustangs meeting in Argentina

    I didn't knew where to paste this pics, were not mid-atlantic states, we're thousands of miles to the south of you... But we have some stangs and capris,
    and we meet once or twice per month.
    Today's meeting was just with 5 of our cars, cause most of the others are on the garage, working on V8 convertions, and some race parts for the ones that
    do circuit racing... no more bs, the pics:

    My ride:

    Leo's 79 cobra:

    Other Leo's of the local club, with his ride (it's on restoration process):

    Claudio's cupe:

    Gonzalo's cupe (my brother):

    Some group pics:

    Next week we're doing a club road trip to San Pedro, a small town 100 miles away of our city, and we'll meet with another Mustang club of other city.
    '79 Mustang Turbo (T4 project on it)

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    Just wanted to Say COOL PIC's They all look very nice.

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    Vamos Naja.... aguanten los mustang de argentina ,
    cool pic's all mustang very nice ,

    look mustang 79 cobra 2.3 turbo , the machine

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    Thanks guys! Now I have 2 HD cameras for next WE road trip cause we're going to put it on local TV channel
    '79 Mustang Turbo (T4 project on it)

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    Naja, please post some pics of the inside of the yellow cobra. Next time you get together, cook some hamburgers. The first Argentina BBQ !!

    Check out the Northwest "4-Eye" BBQ here >>> WWW.NWFOUREYEBBQ.COM (to be put on the BBQ list )

    Lots of pics of my ride for your viewing pleasure....

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    hahahah, will do it, I just have the interior pix on mine, I'll shoot the cobra's one next meeting
    '79 Mustang Turbo (T4 project on it)

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    You got some real nice 4eyes downthere all early ones too. Cool pics.

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