More years will be coming and I will edit this post accordingly when I have the information.

These links are to pages from Ford technical manuals. They cover things like the VIN, Certification Labels, paint and interior codes, spring codes, etc.

More comprehensive information/explanations:
1980 Fairmont, Zephyr, Thunderbird, Cougar/XR7 Decoding

1980 Pinto, Bobcat, Mustang, Capri, Granada, Monarch, Versailles Decode Information

1981 Mustang/Capri, Fairmont/Zephyr, Granada/Cougar, T-Bird/XR-7, Lincoln Continental/Continental Mark VI, Ford/Mercury Decoding

1982 Mustang/Capri, Fairmont/Zephyr, T-Bird/XR-7, Granada/Cougar, Continental Decode Information

1984 Mustang/Capri, T-Bird/Cougar, LTD/Marquis, Mark VII, Continental Decode Information

Basic information/explanations:

1985 Mustang/Capri, LTD/Marquis Part One & Part Two
1986 Mustang/Capri, LTD/Marquis Part One & Part Two

More years to come.