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    Pics please.

    If common sense was common wouldn't it just be sense?

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    I was just talking with a guy on facebook that used to have a 82 black magic with recaros, never seen one before

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    Yep, Recaros were an option in 1982. And Sport Performance seats were an option in 1983.
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    Quote Originally Posted by STANGMAN116 View Post
    I was just talking with a guy on facebook that used to have a 82 black magic with recaros, never seen one before
    Just understand that the Recaros came in the standard black and white material just like the 79 PC. The Recaro equipped Black Magic didn't have the standard Black Magic materials on the Recaros. Still cool either way!

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    ^^^ awwww i figured but thats still cool either way.

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    The first time I saw a Black Magic was in a car mag. At the time I had developed an 82 GT fetish and was going through my Dad's old mags after getting tired of reading that BOSS IS BACK! issue of Motor Trend for the millionth time and when I saw that car it was just like Awe man, the Black Magic is where it's at!

    The car featured was a an 82 5.0 test car with Recaro seats. At the time I figured they were standard on the V8 "RS" cars... years later I found a beautiful 81 with an inline six at a junk yard and I stripped it down of it's Black Magic specific parts for the day I found one but I left the "base seats" behind not thinking they were anything special... man I wish I had pulled them too. Would save me some time and money today.

    This summer I will try to dig out that magazine to scan and share here.

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    Just joined the forum because I finally got my dream car. So I figured I should speak up to this roll call of Black Magic Owners... Took this photo yesterday before I transported her to her new home. (MY garage)
    Name:  20170730_070237.jpg
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    Holy cow, that is a beauty. What are the details on the car's history and how you came to own it?

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    Dad bought it brand new for my mom when they got married. It was hers until benched in 97' due to an 'upgrade'
    After years of begging and crying over it, he finally handed me the keys this past weekend. It is the car I have been dreaming about my entire life. I have more pics in my albums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 75coug View Post
    Holy cow, that is a beauty.
    Understatement right there....
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    Beautiful car. Congrats! Pretty cool history on it as well. Great to see it staying in the family.

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    Thanks all. I couldn't be happier! The car is 99.9% factory so it has small cosmetic issues here and there both inside and out as you might expect. It DID raise 3 boys for almost 15 years. I'll take some proper photos as soon as the weather allows it. Can't wait to take it to some shows. I wonder if the local mustang club will let me tag along?

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