The 30 Day Parts For Sale Pass allows those who do not have 100 posts (or are not FEP Supporters) to post parts in the Parts - For Sale section. This Pass allows the purchaser to bypass the 100 post count rule, but all other guidelines must still be followed. The Pass is $5.00 USD, and may be purchased through the board software by using PayPal.

This Pass allows you to post new ads for 30 days. Ads remain on the board while still active, and for 120 days thereafter. This means that after the 30 days have expired, you may 'bump' your ad once a week until the parts have sold. You may NOT add new parts to existing ads once the 30 day pass has expired. Doing so will result in the ad being locked and allowed to eventually drop off of the Parts - For Sale listing. If you feel you may come across enough parts you would like to sell that a 30 day Pass may not suffice, then consider becoming a FEP Supporter.

The steps for purchasing a Pass via the board software and PayPal are identical to the steps explained below, the part with lots of screen caps, but you choose the box that says "30 Day Parts For Sale Pass" that appears under the FEP Supporter box.

You will receive permission from the board software automatically and this user bar will appear under your name to identify you as a pass holder:

Those who prefer snail mail, avoiding PayPal, etc., may send a money order made out to FourEyedPride. To receive an automated reply with the mailing address, please send an email to: mailaddress _AT_ foureyedpride _DOT_ com. PLEASE DO NOT PM regarding this. Emails only, please.

Also, this is not meant to be a way for businesses to try to promote their wares without becoming advertisers.
This is meant to be a way for regular users to show their support for the website. Businesses found using PFS Passes as a way to push their products or services will be scrutinized, and action will be taken ranging from refund/removal of PFS status to removal of all posting privileges. reserves the right to refund/revoke Parts For Sale privileges when deemed necessary. This is a situation that will hopefully not be a regular occurrence. However, if a user is found to be breaking posted guidelines, has multiple bad dealings with users on the Classifieds etc., PFS privileges will be revoked. PFS passes not meant to make a user appear to have a free pass for ignoring other PFS rules and does not grant nor imply any such privileges.

Go to "Settings" in the upper right hand corner there. Click that, as indicated by the handy red ellipse in the picture:

When you get into the Settings/User CP area, scroll to the bottom. In the column on the left, the last 'section' should be "My Settings". Click "Paid Subscriptions" under the "My Account" subheading. Again, handy red ellipse doing its best:

You'll see something saying "Available Subscriptions" with the first one being FEP Supporter. Further down, you will see the selection for the PFS pass, there will be a drop down box where you can select the option to pay $5.00, and an order button. Select it and click the 'Order' button.

You should be taken to an order confirmation that has a button saying "Order Using PayPal" and confirms the $5.00 pass/subscription.

Click that 'Order Using PayPal' button and it should take you to the PayPal site where you should be able to log in and make the payment as you normally do for other PayPal purchases.

Please be aware that it may take 24-72 hours for the board software and PayPal to process your transaction and update your account.

If you choose to pay by any other method (PayPal button on the main site to make a donation, via mailing address, etc.), please notify an administrator so we can take care of your account promptly.