Whether you are new to the early Foxes, or you want advice on yet another car you'd like to bring home, this is the place to ask questions about potential purchases. Asking for estimations of value for your car, or one you're interested in goes here as well.

Be sure to read this disclaimer, though. This forum is just here to give another option for finding out things to watch for when purchasing one of these cars, or perhaps selling them, it is not meant to be the final word on potential purchases or sales.

The more information you can provide about a particular car you're wanting advice about, the better. Without pictures, it is very difficult to give meaningful advice or value estimations. Pictures and links to online ads can are extremely important and helpful to those wanting to assist a potential buyer or seller.

This is not an extension of the Classified area. This forum will NOT be used for selling cars or parts.

If you are just looking for a car in general, please post a 'car wanted' ad in the appropriate forum, not this one.

This forum is also not intended to be a place to post links of things for sale in order to have look at or comment on them. The FYI area is more suited to such things. Please limit this area to posting cars you're looking at which are for sale in, giving serious advice on cars someone is interested in or honest opinions of value.

Please try to be as diplomatic as possible, honest, but diplomatic, when giving an opinion or advice. Do not take any disappointing remarks about a car's condition, appearance or value as insults or attacks. Remember, you're asking for honest opinions, and you will be getting them.