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    Default ****RULES FOR SELLING PARTS or "Can't post? Here's why."****

    These are the same rules that have been in effect nearly since time immemorial here, rewritten and rearranged for added clarity and efficiency.

    1. To post an ad to sell parts, you must meet one of the three conditions:

    The board automatically prevents those who do not meet the above requirements from posting. Do not spam to try to hop up your post count, and please don't bother complaining about the post count issue. The requirement is occasionally waived when replying to a "wanted" ad (abuse this, however, and you WILL be booted from the Classifieds, or perhaps the whole site).

    2. City and State Required for ALL Ads – You have two options: add your City and State in your profile (City and Province for Canada, other countries…we’ll just wing it), OR you must put it in the ad itself. You may then delete your location in the ad once the item has sold.

    3. Ad Titles & Terminology
    – Please be as descriptive as possible in the TITLE of the ad. Ad titles need to state as much detail as possible about what you have for sale. Prices and pictures strongly encouraged.

    4. Cars Parting Out
    - ALL ads for cars being parted out REQUIRE images clearly showing the catastrophic damage claimed (collision, rust, theft recovery, etc.). No exceptions. Please see Image Requirements for Cars Parting Out below for details.

    Do not post a “Part Out” thread without posting images or links to the images in the original main body of the thread, it WILL be deleted. Get the pictures before you place the ad. See below for picture guidelines.

    The parting out of complete and/or reasonably repairable cars is PROHIBITED!

    Members proven to be willful "butchers" by evidence gathered here or elsewhere on the Internet are subject to membership revocation and banning. Parting out cars that are complete, easily repaired, or could be sold as reasonable project cars does not agree with the mission of this site. This site is to promote and preserve the four-eyed cars and their identity. We cannot, in good conscience, contribute to accelerating the already high rate of attrition affecting these cars.

    5. Major Body Parts Require Pics - Due to concerns with fairness about certain ads, pictures of the parts are required for the following parts:
    Bumper Covers (front and rear)
    Trunk Lids
    Quarter Panels (sheet metal, not interior)

    You may either post the images directly in the thread or link to them. Either way, pictures are required to be provided in the thread. No “email for pics” will be allowed for these parts.

    6. Civility is a must
    - If you want to haggle with someone on price, do it politely. If you want to tell them how completely off-base you believe their prices are, PM them. If you have questions on why an ad was locked, look over the rules. If the rules don't cover something you have questions on, PM a moderator or administrator. If your ad was locked, it was not a vast conspiracy against your existence. Remember, after all, it's just the Internet.

    7. Limit of FIVE ads on the front page of PFS at one time - From time to time we wind up having folks who, either intentionally, or unintentionally, list a bunch of items in their own individual ads and take up the majority of the first page of the PFS forum. Or, they wind up bumping ALL of their various ads at the same time, and, again, take up the majority of the front page. This is unnecessary and unfair to others who have placed ads listing multiple items, or simply make an effort to not take up an inordinately large amount of space on one page of the PFS forum. We're now limiting members to five ads visible on the front page. Sold/locked items will not be counted in this. Excessively bumped or grouped ads will be un-bumped or even merged by site staff if deemed necessary.

    Image Requirements for Cars Parting Out

    All sides of the vehicle must be shown.
    This means:
    a ¾ front view
    and a ¾ rear view
    a straight on front, straight on rear and straight on shot of each side . This is in addition to having to provide pictures of the damage claimed that prevents this car from being easily repaired if it is not overwhelmingly apparent. If additional pictures are asked for, they must be provided within 48 hours. If they are not, the ad will be removed. The ad may be restored should sufficient pictures be provided.

    In certain cases, images where the car and the damage are both identifiable will suffice. This is case-by-case ONLY.

    We have an easy-to-use image uploading system for the board.
    There are many easy, inexpensive or free ways to get digital pictures.

    There is a separate area of the album for uploading of pictures for Classified ads should you be out of room in your personal album. When the items/cars are sold, be sure to note it in your ad so that the pictures can be removed. Each member will be able to add 10 images of parts (or a car) they have for sale in this album. That is in addition to the personal album space. Using your personal space first is encouraged. Please see the Test Forum for how-tos and to ask for help about using/loading/posting images.


    There is a 'Three Strikes' rule in effect. After three instances of a user not complying with the Guidelines and a staff member's request to follow those Guidelines, Classified access will be removed for a minimum of three months. More blatant cases of abuse may result in more severe disciplinary measures.

    If you post an ad that falls under the picture requirements WITHOUT including pictures or links to pictures in the original ad, your ad will be deleted immediately. You must provide the pictures WITH the ad. No waiting around for promised pics.
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