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    Default MegaSquirt anyone using it ?

    I was going to buy and use a tweecer rt and then started seeing a lot of info on the stand alone MegaSquirt .My question is if any of you are using it ? and if so how difficult and expensive was it to use ? .

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    Chuck W does, a bunch of guys on TUrboford, and of couse forums.

    Can you solder? Are you confident in your electronic skills?
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    Can you solder? Are you confident in your electronic skills?

    I am a computer tech ,and my soldering ability is decent except for the older I get the worse my eye site gets .

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    the DIY route will be the cheapest route. MS1 with the 2.2 PCB would be the cheapest. But in certain instances requires buying other little things like a Flyback board if you are gonna use the stock low impedence injectors(but you could also just make a resistor pack to deal with that). can buy that to aid in tuning it yourself, or you could have it put on a dyno and tuned by someone else(or yourself on their dyno), or if you have a buddy with a wideband you can borrow it.
    There are stimulator renting services so you can rent a stim to test your MS after you assemble it.

    MS2 with a version 3 PCB is the newest setup most can buy(they have others but aren't for sale or are just slight variants of the version 3 PCB).
    No matter where you go, there you are

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    I heard good things about MS1 & 2. As loing as you can dyno tune it's worth while swaping
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    nice roadwarrior headlight lenses. im currently wiring my ms2 into the fox, trying to find some more foxbody ms specific wiring info.

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    I've been running an old MS1+ Extra in my TBird for around 15 years.

    I don't think they do the V2.2 board any longer, but the V3.0 is just as simple and a bit more capable.

    What are your plans? Just a stock-type replacement? Or do you have big/weird build goals?
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