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    For those wanting to see Fords progression of their road race cars, you need to see the collection that is at 3 Dog Garage in PA. This is not open to the public, however, the owner, on occasion, has local and regional club tours.

    These are not static display cars, they all get run from time to time.....
    Im certain I watched several of these circle Long Beach as a youngster as we made the trek there every year with a group of friends. Now we go to Laguna as the drive is shorter by 5 hours each way. For sure the Whistler as I have pics of it, bought the model kit and a Whistler radar detector. I always dreamed of owning a mustang race car or one of the PPG pace/demo cars that would entertain between races. Great collection and looking forward to updated pictures of the Firestone cars.
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    I have a source in FB Messenger that is wanting hoods, fenders, etc. to make molds from. Just putting this here......
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