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    Default anyone have an 85 mustang gt wiring diagram?

    trying to track down a possible wiring problem, anyone have a wiring diagram online somewhere?
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    well i found i diagram for 87-93 which sort of helps, my biggest problem is what is supposed to be attached to the starter relay on the fender?

    i have 2 large terminals, one goes to the battery/alternator and the other goes to the starter and 2 small terminals one has a red/green wire from the ignition switch and the other doesnt have anything, wondering if this is correct or if there should be something there?

    my other problem is duraspark wiring related which the diagram i found doesnt help, where are those wire form the duraspark box supposed to go?
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    On the two small terminals...The other terminal is not used on these cars... The starter relay is a generic aftermarket version.
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    Wiring diagrams
    I think Fig 22 is what you want

    Probably should make this a sticky.. :-)
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    awesome cappn thats what i needed! thanks!
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