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    Default Special order colors?

    Anyone ever see anything like this?

    Quoted from another board (Turboford) Edited for length

    I went and looked at a 84 SVO two weeks ago and didnt know if I wanted it or not ..........


    Here is the real kicker I think and the reason I am goin to get it.When I checked the door tag it is coded as a black car.....the car is NOT black, its a shade of blue!On the front core support is a tag screwed near the hood latch that says "Special Order SVO" and has a differnt paint code and says below it "Dark Cadet Blue".I have never heard of anything like that before and I LOVE the color!90% of the paint will rub out beautifuly with the only bad spots being the roof and a small dent on the fender.The car is tore apart but eveything other than the front seats are there.

    Weird huh? Obviously pictures of the tag are a MUST. Be providing it is what its supposed to be its pretty cool/weird.

    I have seen a TON of cars. I am a guy who looks at the buck tags of all the ones I find in the junkyard. Never have I seen anything like that.
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    That is very cool.

    I was told by Sandy Block that until 1993 that you could still special order your Ford car in any color. You had to push the dealer to do it but it could be done. After 93, it was no longer allowed.

    I've often wondered what codes would have been on the tags. The body tag should have the blue code on it...not sure why the door tag is marked black. It is quite possible, the car had to be ordered in black initially to get the order into the computer. ascMcLaren also had small metal tags noting the build was an ascMcLaren build too. If you can get pics of the tags (all 3) that would be very cool to see.

    Midnight Blue (Cadet Blue) is is the same color ascMcLaren used in 1984 on their ascMcLaren Coupes. I never understood why dark blue was always taboo on the performance cars.


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