Although there is no possible way to outline every scenario within this listing, the following are basic guidelines for participating on the boards:

1. Be aware that your account may be revoked at any time for any reason the administration sees fit. You do not have an inalienable right to post what you want on this board. Anyone seen jeopardizing the civil, relaxed atmosphere or abusing posting privileges may be removed immediately and permanently from the community. There are no temporary bans or 'un-bannings' performed here.

2. Civility is required. Many members like to think of this board as more than just a place to post messages. We strive to make it a community of enthusiasts who enjoy the common goal of the preservation and promotion of the Four Eyed cars and their identities.

If you want to help someone realize that TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS AKIN TO SHOUTING ONLINE, please PM them about it or be diplomatic in your explanation in their thread. If you disagree with someoneís tech recommendations, give your reasons why, your proof to back it up, but refrain from out and out insults. If you donít like someoneís styling choices about their car, explain why without bringing their family tree into question, suggest improvements without flaming. Also, do not be so quick to judge someone's comments as being derogatory. It is often difficult to interpret someone's intentions having only text and no body language or tone of voice to guide you.

3. Please keep the language relatively clean. For the most part, we have added only the foulest of words to the word filter. The words seen abused the most will be the ones to be entered into the filters. There are members who allow their kids check this site out due to it being a pretty clean and friendly place about cars. We also have some religious folk and others that visit here that would probably appreciate seeing fewer (or no) expletives in use.

4. No images in signatures. It slows down the loading of pages (itís just one more thing someoneís computer has to download and process, images linked from servers all over everywhere with some moving slower than others, etc.), causes people to scroll unnecessarily, and is pretty much a nuisance to most. The [img] tags are disabled in the board software and will remain that way.

5. No flame baiting. Occasionally some people like to post things solely for the purpose of getting under someone elseís skin, or to prank members into passionate and extreme reactions. This is unnecessary and unwanted here. You may think itís cute, or funny, but reallyÖitís just annoying.

6. No 'leghumping' or trolling for it. Thankfully, this has yet to become an issue. But, we all know it can happen and how much of a mess it becomes each and every time it starts. Letís keep it from starting here if any opportunity arises. If you've come here hoping to spam your bikini pictures OR hoping to find someone who is posting their bikini pictures, you've come to the wrong place. We're here for the cars. Go cruise or some other such thing for that sort of action.

7. No links to or posting of offensive or "Not Work Safe" content. No hoochie-mama avatars, pictures, etc. No posting of your intimate details of your personal life. No macros/funny pictures with offensive captions. Yes, all this stuff is a judgment call. Hereís the general rule of thumb: If it requires a work warning or would not be appropriate to have viewable in a typical office setting, it isnít appropriate here. Administrators have the final say on these issues if there is any question to somethingís status.

8. No selling outside of the Classified areas. If you've something to offer to someone for free, or the cost of shipping, it's 'legal' to offer in the other areas. If you're dying to let someone know you have something they may want to purchase, then send them a Private Message OR an email via the board. Do NOT post an offer in a non-classified thread. Posts will be edited or removed by staff without warning.

9. Spammers and other unwanted undesirables - beware. If you've come to participate in this board and join the community, you are more than welcome. If you have come to prey upon this community, use its membership solely to promote your own site, post your advertisements and walk away, do not be surprised to come back to the site and no longer be registered, or just plain be banned. As the war against spam becomes more time-consuming, there will be less and less tolerance of spam-like content.

10. Hang out, be nice, post and have fun. Everyone who is here should be here in order to share things about their cars, look for assistance, offer help, bench race, look at cool car pictures and enjoy the camaraderie that goes along with the automotive hobby. This is a tight-knit group that is always looking for more people to help out, get to know and learn from. If that sounds good to you, then everything will work out fine.