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    BTW, I'm going to start removing the non-topic-specific banter in this thread, so if y'all get tempted to start talking about other stuff, I'd appreciate it if you'd start your own thread about it.

    In fact, I think I'm gonna split off the louver stuff into a new thread if I can...

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    Good topic -

    Here's what I got. I've been told in the last couple days from others on this site that there's not many of these around anymore. (I'm a newbie here)

    '84 RS Turbo - all original except for some ignition parts (I'll be switching those back to Motorcraft when I do my restore). Tires, shocks (yes, they're original too), driver seat, and headliner are all shot. I have checked all the vendors for a new replacement headliner but no luck (red w/sunroof opening) so any tips/leads would be appreciated. Paint is REALLY bad on the horizontal surfaces. I was going to try to replace the rear hatch interior panels but after seeing all the tips about repainting, I think I'll try that instead, they're really not in that bad of shape (a little fading and some scratches).

    I may "fudge" a little bit on some performance upgrades but nothing that can't be undone.

    Any other '84 RS Turbos out there?
    86 SVO 2R (Jalapeno Red) - stock and pristine

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    I have a completely stock 85 GT convertible. Aside from regular maintenance items, a k&n, and dynomax catback, everything is original on the car.
    1985 Mustang GT Convertible
    Stock and original @ 213k, except for dynomax ultraflos.

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    I have a 1980 White Coupe ---- all original including the paint (which will be repainted). The only changes that have ever been made to the engine are maintenance ---- with no upgrades. It also has new tires.

    There are pics of it on page 12 of this site.
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    I have a bone stock unmolested (with the exception of a different tape deck) 1980 mustang ghia 3.3 4-speed. this car has origional paint, interior and mechanicals. It is rust free and runs great. i recently purchased it from a used car dealer that tells me its a one owner car. it is well optioned although it is missing tilt, cruize, A/C, and leather. it does have rear window louvers, sun roof and the front facing hood scoop.

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    Welcome to the site, bigblock. sounds like you found a great car. How did you get your "handle" ? and are you in the Pacific Northwest ??

    Check out the Northwest "4-Eye" BBQ here >>> WWW.NWFOUREYEBBQ.COM (to be put on the BBQ list )

    Lots of pics of my ride for your viewing pleasure....

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    i'm the pround owner of a 79 hatchback ford mustang ; it's an Y code ( 2.3L ) with a manual trans

    it's pure sotck , from A to Z ; i've all the service stickers ( if ytou need pics to know where to put yours )

    it's only 136000 KM , around 60000 miles i think , it 's a canadian car which have been imported in france in 1982 so few time in canada , no rust !!! it's incredible , i 've restored a 69 sportroof , so i know a lot about rust ...; and this car is incredibly without rust

    i have power steering , interior is perfect , no scratch on the seat and carpet ... but my dash is hurt

    i'm the third owner

    that a very nice little car that my wife drive to the show with me in my 69 .... some time she let me drive it ....

    79 HATCHBACK 2.3L and 69 SPORTROOF 351W

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    here it is !!!
    79 HATCHBACK 2.3L and 69 SPORTROOF 351W

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    I have an unmolested 85 3.8 auto LX convertible. I believe my 86 Mclaren 50SC is original except for some paint and decals.

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    stangmodifier; Please post pictures of your cars...pretty please....

    Check out the Northwest "4-Eye" BBQ here >>> WWW.NWFOUREYEBBQ.COM (to be put on the BBQ list )

    Lots of pics of my ride for your viewing pleasure....

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    I've tried to put pics in my album but get an error message that they are too large or corrupted?? I don't have them hosted anywhere, they are just in my harddrive.

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    I have a red numbers matching 1984 GT T-Top with 5.0/T-5
    canyon red/ red inside correct down to TRX wheels, with wheel locks and keys, metric tires . hood and radio not stock some bodyside moulding missing but whats left is pin-stripped in red (per data plate)
    66 Lincoln ragtop (1 of 1350) Project "Tuition" (for sale)
    83 Mustang GLX conv (in sonic blue)4.3/SC -coming soon! "Project Baby"
    '85 Lincoln Demers Hearse white/black crown 5.0 auto project: "Ligeia" (lee-jee-ah soft "g" sound)
    (see Edgar Allan Poe story by the same name)
    1988 Lincoln Town Car Limousine, Crafted by American Custom Coach Works- "Project Bertha"

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    Just yesterday (aug 4) i bought me a 1986 capri GS. Mostly orgional although not in near the condition of my mustang. essentially this capri has been abused and neglected with many dents, missing letters up front, and a fair amount of rust. why did i buy it u ask?? well a four eyed fox that drives legally for the fair sum of $75 how could i resist?

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    Mine is a 1984 Mustang LX Convertible. Stock. 3.8 V-6/ C-5 automatic, 2.73 pegleg rear.
    ~87,680 miles and it passed the Illinois emissions test last Thursday. Original Oxygen sensors and cat converter.
    Loaded car, with PW, AM/FM/Cassette +Premium sound, A/C, Cruise. Canyon red, scarlet/white interior with white vinyl seats and original Oxford white top. Spare has never seen the road; has Argent painted styled steel wheels & trim rings, with Argent painted dog dish hubcaps.
    Very few mods: DynoMax muffler and custom catback exhaust. SVO shocks/struts. Welded subframe connectors.
    Everything works.
    I'm the third owner, and I've contacted both previous owners. I bought it in February, 1993.

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    Default Have a pure stock car? Please post what you have in here.

    I just bought an 83 Capri RS Turbo. All original except paint (original color) and wheels.
    84 GT Turbo T-Top
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    I have an all original 1986 GT Convertible Daily Driver - 214K on the clock and counting.
    1986 GT Convertible Daily Driver.

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    Thumbs up

    I have a silver 1982 GT that is still stock except for a Flowmaster muffler and a Kenwood cassette deck. Car was built on Nov. 23/81 and is equipped with TRX package with original size 190-65-R390 Michelin tires, rear louvers, AC, PW, Tilt Steering, Interval Wipers.

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    I just purchased an 86' GT, White w/Canyon Red interior, 86,000 mi, all stock and all options checked execpt for t-tops, as far as i can tell no mods but a stick on saleen body kit over the original bumpers and I think the catback might be diffrent.
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    83' GT Hatch
    85' LX Convertible
    99' GT Coupe

    86' GT Hatch

    83'-86' Capri
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    I have two 85.5 2R SVOs that are all original. One has 10,600 and one has 103,000. The 10,600 is mint and untouched except for the battery.

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    86 Capri 4E
    84 SVO Watkins Glen Pace Car 1E
    85 SVO Hertz 4E
    85.5 SVO 2R orig owner
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    86 SVO 7B
    66 Fastback
    55 Willys Jeep Overland Wagon

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    I have an 84 GT I bought from the original owner awhile back. It is mostly stock except for the paint, maintenance items, and whatever broke over the years. You could eat off of the undercarriage (spent most of its life in a garage). It has 225K miles on the original drivetrain and still runs pretty strong. It has a 5 speed, A/C, AM/FM cassette, and a sunroof. The guy included the original documents for the car including the window sticker, warranty card, and almost every receipt for maintenance and repairs since it was new. My immediate plans are to re-paint it and swap in an 8.8. The paint job the original owner had done was cheap and it shows. There are issues with the body around the sunroof so I'm a little nervous to find out exactly what is going on there. Overall though it is in good shape and should be a good foundation to work from.

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    84 GT Turbo. Only non-stock things are 140 mph speedo, short-throw shifter, wiper stalk lever and radio. All original parts were retained by the original! I even rolled the 140 mph speedo AHEAD when I installed it so I knew the mileage would be right!! Now, if I could just find time to get the engine back in it....

    '84 GT Turbo (photos at
    '89 LX 5.0 (had my fun, now its gone)
    '78 Zephyr (long gone)

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    I have an 86 Convertible LX 3.8cfi / aod, unmolested.only things not original are the cd player and the western chrome rims with 205/70/R15's on her. It was a light regatta blue until someone in its life primered over the original color.primer is fading now. the interior is blue, seats are cloth. anyone know how many were made this way? i have only seen one other like it but it was a coupe. I have all maintenance records on it. I am the 5th owner but the car changed hands rapidly from the original owner to me there was prolly 2 years tops.bonus to it is that it was bought in tennessee but lived in southern cali and it was a non-smoker on top of it. clean car but has some heat cracks.looking to restore to former glory just need pointed down that road. it's not as easy as you lucky ones with the 5.0's. Any help would be a godsend.thanks
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    I have a 85 GT 5 speed, all bone stock with the exception of a Flowmaster catback. I am in the process of installing new weatherstripping, repainting some of the chipped trim. I will detail the engine compartment and redecal it. Lol, have everything for the car but enough time!
    1964 F-100 (was a 250) street custom driver - roller 5.0 & T-5
    1993 Ford Escort LX 4 door Hatchback
    1985 GT album - She is missed. \
    1985 LX Convertible album
    I'll own another Four Eye one of these days!

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    i have an 83 capri rs i'm the second owner first was a woman i knew took real good care of it always went to the dealer for service.i've had the car 16 yrs.its red with red interior 8 cyl. has factory louvers ,everything else is there except a cargo cover.
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