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    Default all four eyes please read

    If you ever need to ship a car do not i repeat dont use dependable auto shippers{das}. I bought an 84 gt 350 vert. in arizona and had it shipped through them. It was dropped off at there terminal on the 13th of may and was to be delivered to me the 31st of may. well guess what its now the 31st my car is a convertable and its been now sitting out in the az. sun for 18 days.After hours on hold and talking to customer service and no returned calls they are looking into it. Finally i called there damage line and got someone to do anything im still looking at another week or more. These guys are a bunch of bumbling fools.They advertise they have been shipping for 50 yrs.I would say they are still waiting to ship the cars they got over the last 50 yrs. They claim they track your car i got a message saying my car wasnt in the system i told them find it or ill let the police find it. Thought id tell you all so you wont go through the same nightmare as me. Be Well all
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    75Coug used DAS and was more than happy.

    I have found that if somebody is "stalling" or putting you off and putting you off...something horribly bad has happened and they are trying to figure out how to fix it. Let's hope not.


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    I used them when I bought a 63 Falcon from Jersey and had it shipped to Chicago. No problems then. That was about 2 years ago. Sorry to hear it, I hope all is OK
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    I used them a few months ago. The only problem I had was caused by the seller, who hadn't named me as the person to pick up the car. The people at the DAS terminal here went out of their way to get permission to release the car to me.
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    Default about my car

    well its been a month my car is STILL in az. and they are still making me promises{LIES}. telling 6 days till pickup and 2 day to deliver right well ill be its damaged and thats the delay.DO NOT USE THESE FRAUDS
    my wife wanted me to get rid of my pace car i told her she would go first......sure miss her

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    I am very sorry to hear of your problems with DAS. I hope everything ultimately works out ok.

    As Negusm pointed out, I used DAS and was very pleased with the process.

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