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    Looks like 85 Mustangs are eligible to, See:

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    i may look into that, my 86 5.0 still has the factory original cats on it!
    86 5.0 lx notchback & 91 geo prizm (the sh*tbox)

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    my 86 went to the dealer today for the cat recall,,they will have it until wendsday thanks to the mechanic breaking off the oxygen sensors,new sensors coming in wendsday,,they are free too,,and two new intermediate pipes which broke off , also will be free,,i asked them if they had any more free stuff ,they said i had enough free stuff already, and they gave me a new 05 taurus se to thrash,,,i mean drive! anyways,a couple of you wanted some part numbers,this is what i have,
    first is off a box called a converter kit(has the checkvalve,air tube and bolts and stuff.
    F 1ZZ-5F 250B and another E8ZC-5F250-DA

    next there was a plate attached to one of the cats,
    E8ZC DA AC
    L2 134
    the parts have FORD stamped on them so im assuming they are not aftermarket
    1986 mustang gt,,5-speed,, stock everything,2:73 rearend

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    when you get a chance, can you post a photo or two of the parts they gave you for the swap?
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    thats awesome dude, i need to try this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 50 Proof

    I plugged in my VIN and it told me there aren't any safety or emissions recalls available for my car. I guess that means my h-pipe has already been replaced?
    Only safety and emissions recalls launched since January 1, 1996 are reported

    The H-pipe recall was back in 1992.

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    i typed in my vin exactly as it appears on my title to check for reecalls for it and I got this.

    Recall Information

    This is not a valid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Please reenter your VIN
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    Quote Originally Posted by V6DR
    i brought my 84 Capri in for a seatbelt recall last year. i wasnt charged anything.
    What recall was this? I wonder if the 85's have a recall too?
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    My Capri is for sale. $3250 with all the parts I have for it. Consider trade for Kaw 750 Vulcan

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