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    Default Update on Trigger

    Update on Trigger

    I put over 8000 miles on Trigger in 2023. For 2/3 of the year it was my only working vehicle

    I ended up totaling out my Lincoln MarkLT when some idiot ran a red. Between fights with their insurance and all the hours chasing stuff for a frame and frontend rebuild after buying it back it was out of commission from March 23 until October

    Lots of stuff not worth mentioning but I ended up filing for a divorce last year shortly after my wreck. Sold the house, still battling stuff out in court

    Trigger experienced a harmonic balancer failure when I started it to move -- it snapped the crank at idle. RIP 5.0. It died at 515K miles and ran like a scalded ape right up until its last outing

    Trigger's future awaits resolution of the divorce crap

    Things requoted: 40 year old beercan on wheels with too much motor

    Trigger - 86 Mustang GT - Black with red interior. T5Z. Broken original motor with 515K miles
    Silver - 85 Mustang Saleen project. 1E silver GT / charcoal interior.
    Bought it as a roller, tons of Saleen pedigree.
    60th Anniversary of Mustang poster foxfest 2022

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    Can't win for losing? What a bummer. Slap in a new crank, bearings, and balancer and keep on going or thinking time for a full rebuild?
    1985 Mustang GT - Build Thread
    347 (Stock Block, Scat Crank & Rods, Probe Pistons, 11:1 CR, AFR 185's, PP Crosswind Intake, Custom-ground Comp Hyd Roller Cam, Scorpion 1.6 Roller Rockers, Holley 3310-4), T-5, 8.8 w/3.55's, MM SFC's, T/A, PHB, LCA's, Strut Tower Brace, K-Member Brace, Bilstein HD Struts/Shocks, MM/H&R Springs, SN95 5-Lug, ATS Brembo/Cobra Brakes, '04 Mach 1 Steering Rack

    Other Rides - 2004 F-150 (Daily), 2011 Explorer Limited (Wife's), 1994 Lightning #2522 (Caretaker)

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    Odds are the block is trash

    The car sat outside all winter. Its rusting away at a rate unmatched in any shipyard

    At minimum the car needs to come apart entirely

    It may be beyond repair by the time I get to it.

    Its been an exceptionally good car for me any way you slice it

    it could have just as easily let go during a 0-150+ pull and oiled down the road and fed my twitching carcass to a deformed metal monster

    I count myself fortunate

    if it makes a comeback it will be a long build

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    Sorry to hear of your misfortunes. Good luck on the comeback.... I'm sure there are plenty of us, myself included, that are pulling for ya. We know you can do it.... looking forward to the day Trigger is back.
    1985 Mustang GT (Mothballed...Desired restomod parts acquired...Top of my project list for my 2024 retirement!)

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    Hang in there and keep moving. Might not always seem like you're getting anywhere, but you'll get through this. If Trigger can go 515k, you can get through this! And who knows? Maybe Trigger has some life left after all the dust settles. Keep us posted and best of luck with things!
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    '81 Mustang Ghia Hatchback, red, 4-cylinder, 5-speed, slow, but looked great!

    Have ~
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