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    Default Link to seatbelt repair kit

    In case anyone still needs them, here's a link to ebay with the recall seatbelt repair kit. This is for the defective seatbelt buckles from the 80's. I just snagged one and he still has kits available. FYI.
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    That was actually a Recall by Ford. I keep one in my car in case I run into someone needing one at a show. I just saw a car 3 weeks ago without it. The originals were white plastic and they deteriorated in the sun. My svo is still original but never sees day light.
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    Thanks for that link…
    Good find!
    I remember when I had to buy a new seat belt assembly back in 87 or so.
    Then there was the recall and , if you can believe it,
    The parts department gave me a refund on the purchase!!
    I still have some of the originals laying around.
    I might pickup another set on EBay.
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