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    Default 83-86 saleen speedo gauge sticker question ?

    So I have a question. I may just sell them but kinda want to make an instrument cluster with them first.
    I just picked up a new saleen Speedo overlay and the sticker for the tach. So my question is what speedometer did saleen use to do the overlay?
    Was it really the 85mph or a 170 Speedo?

    Thank you
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    The speedo was the stock 85 MPH unit that was modified to register 1/2 of the normal speed therefore it became a 170 MPH speedometer. BBK used to offer the service to modify the speedometer, but I don't believe they still do. Any decent speedometer shop should be able to convert your 85 MPH speedometer into a 170 MPH unit. I know there are a few of those shops left around the country with a couple in the Michigan area from what I recall.

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    Ok sweet, thank you !
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    I had one done by BBK back in the day. They don't offer the service anymore. I asked a few years back.

    Where did you locate the overlay?
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