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    Default bad ball joint pics

    Can sleep better after seeing what's been going on.
    Parked car 11-13. Gosh 13th was on a Monday not a Friday
    Good luck nothing dramatic happened was doing 5 mph a block away made it home.
    Pics are zoom-able.

    Metal shavings. Fraction of an oz less unsprung weight...
    Name:  ball joint ds shavings 3030 50 20231116_173945 (12).jpg
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    Arrow points to where outer edge of control arm scrapes the brake rotor.
    Bendt what is left of the rusty brake shield out of the way to see better.
    A new ball joint will pull the control arm up off the rotor.
    Name:  ball joint ds loaded arrow 1010 20231116_220756.jpg
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