So I was cruising my 84 LX convertible on my way to a doctor appointment when I had a harrowing experience.

For those on Long Island, I was cruising Jerusalem Ave in Levittown northbound. For non Islanders, its a four lane road, two in each direction separated by a median.

There were no cars on either side of the road and I was cruising a comfortable 45-50 carefree. Then out of nowhere a UPS truck darts out of a side street onto Jerusalem Ave in front of me. I had about 50 feet between us, but I instinctively stomped the brakes. I immediately fishtailed and spun 180 degrees, went over the median and landed on the opposite side of the road, now southbound facing the correct direction.

Lucky that there was no southbound traffic or I would have side slammed an oncoming vehicle. Also very lucky the median was grass and not cement. There was a curb around the grass but it was low and my car slid right over it, the grass and dirt created skidding wet road effect which caused my spin to carry me to the southbound side.

No damage at all, thankfully. Just grass imbedded in my passenger front tire rim bead.

So can anyone tell me why my car spun when I locked the brakes? I know these old Stangs don't have ABS, but I'm pretty sure they were not built to spin out of control in an emergency stop.

I did have my proportion valve apart earlier this summer and did have issues with the low brake fluid sensor leaking brake fluid so its been capped with a plug. I do plan to open it again since the guy I got the o ring kit from sold me a new brass piston and the brass sleeve that mine didn't have in it. But if I'm not mistaken, that part of the combination valve is for the front brakes. My mechanic told me the brake pressure increased to the rears after the proportion valve rebuild. I assumed the spinout was caused by the rears locking, unless I'm wrong.

So I have new front brake pads, new rear shoes, new master cylinder and a proportion valve that was disassembled and needs another reassembly.