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    Default Motor mounts for 2.3 turbo lima

    I have a '79 turbo cobra that could definitely use new motor mounts. We did the transmission mount, and it definitely made a difference. What I am finding is that there is only the passenger side mount available at this time. There is some information out there that infers that the mounts are interchangeable, but they have different part numbers. Does anybody know if that's true? Also, could anyone point me in the direction of somewhere where I can acquire a new or nos set of them? Apparently, the V8 ones are pretty easy to come by, but the 4 cylinder ones, not so much! Thanks in advance for any tips.......Newcobraguy79

    PS. By the way, I've always had V8 fox bodies before, but the more we work on her, the more I am adjusting to the 2.3 lima, and enjoying her for what she is! She sat in somebody's garage for twenty years in disrepair and only has 85,000 original miles on her.

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    In my '78 Fairmont, originally NA 2.3, I installed a 2.3T out of a TC using '90 mustang 2.3 mounts. Available on rockauto.


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    The problem you'll find with trying to the later 87-93 2.3 NA motor mounts in an earlier car is that you'll be missing pieces to make it work.

    Those 2.3 mounts (the 83-84 TCs also used the same mounts as the 87-93 2.3's) is that there were adapter brackets bolted to the K-member that the motor mount through bolt attaches to. They take the place of the stud mount that the early angled isolators did. You can see the bracket in the picture below.
    (Disregard the dead poly bushing, I needed to replace it)

    I made mounts for several years, and I wound up switching my design to do away with the need to hunting down those brackets, as most got tossed by folks doing 5.0 swaps, etc. They are not available from any aftermarket source (My TC has a early set of my mounts, thus the bracket is in use)
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    Hi Mike! Thanks for getting back to me. We are sticking with the stock equipment for our cobra, and you are going with the later "87 and up turbo 2.3. Those later mounts don't work with our application, I believe. Thanks for your valuable input........Newcobraguy79

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    Thanks for the reply Chuck! So, I guess the earlier motor mounts are pretty much unavailable? The right ones are available at Rock Auto and parts stores, but no driver's side. Any light on the rumor that they are interchangeable, and work on either side? I take it you don't make mounts anymore, and don't make them available to others? Thanks for taking the time to respond, and the helpful pictures!..........Daniel aka Newcobraguy79

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