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    Good day all: I have an 1986 capri rs 5spd car in 2r bright red. My wife and i bought this car new in 86, stored it for 30 yrs while our 2 sons grew up.
    well, its out o f storage now, runs good, no problems.
    I will have a few questions.

    thanks Stash

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    Stored for 30 years? So this is a nice, low mileage example? Sweet!
    Got pics?

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    So it was parked in 1993? Did you do any upkeep to it over the last 3 decades? How many miles on it?

    And yea, pics!
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    Welcome! I really like the Fox Capris. As others have asked, pics?

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    Good day Everyone: in storage in 1990, got it out in 2020 and put a few miles on it, 88k kms on the odo, and yes it was maintained during storage.

    its a 5sp no ac car with premium sound and a sunroof


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    Welcome to the site. Post up some pictures when you get a chance.

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    Welcome, from a fellow original 86 Capri 5.0 owner (my first new car).
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    Welcome from another Capri original owner , also a first new car . Our 81 Capri is in storage most of the time as well .

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