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    Default McLaren Capri found

    Ive located a convertible that appears to be mostly complete. The body looks solid (stored inside a shed) and the interior is missing seats, steering wheel and carpet. My question is are these cars in demand? Id hate to put a lot of money into a car that if I ever decided to sell it no one would either not know what it is or would not want it.

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    There are some for sale. Ultimately, if you are doing it for an investment, probably not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratchet1 View Post
    I’d hate to put a lot of money into a car....
    Don't do it if you're expecting to get it back out of it.
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    Convertible Foxes generally don't bring the money when you decide to sell. Even the unique and limited models will generally sell for less than an equivalent hardtop/t-top version. So keep that in mind if you are seriously considering the purchase. Good Luck!

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    Limited production numbers don't always equal higher prices for car sales. Most of the rare Capri models including the ASC cars, Black/White Magic, Crimson Cat, Pace Cars and even the RS in some years had very small production numbers but they usually sell for much less than their Mustang counter parts. The "price" guides including KBB and Nada don't give the Capri much love at all, setting the price at almost 1/3 of the price of the same year GT Mustang compared to the RS, even though in 84 there were almost 33,000 GT Mustangs that year compared to less than 3,700 RS Capri's. For me the value of my car is nothing more than a novelty at this point seeing as I have no intention of ever selling my car. I have seen RS Capri's go for much higher than their "Blue book" value lately and I do hope the value continues to go up with the Capri getting more popular and even more rare, but I am definitely not holding my breath.

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    Thank you all for the insight. I agree and have decided to look elsewhere for my next project car.

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