Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of putting my exhaust on my car. When I bought the car it didn't come with the original exhaust so I've gone ahead and put a dual exhaust on my car. Everything is pretty much up and in place except for the tailpipes. I know on the passenger side I have to drill and tap my own hole for the tailpipe hanger. The driver side I have utilized the original hanger location. When I put the driver side tailpipe on, I noticed my hangers do not align. The hanger on the tailpipe is about 2" back towards the bumper from the hanger on the frame. Tailpipe seems to be sitting in the correct location though.

My question is, has anyone utilized the original driver side hanger location and been fine? Do I need to drill and tap the driver side as well? For context the exhaust I'm putting on came off a fox, so fitment should be correct.

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