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    Actually, concours judging would ding you on the repro gater backs as the date code would be wrong.
    20-25 years ago, I was at a small car show in a town called Cottage Grove OR.. Think of the Parade scene at the end of " Animal House".....
    I was looking at a really nice clean stock C2 Corvette... He had just lost at another car show somewhere ( I can't remember that far back) due to the wrong lockwasher on the back of his alternator.........

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    I ended up getting the Pirelli P4 Persist AS Plus in 205/65

    Overall I love these tires. They are smooth as silk. Handle great in the rain too. I got them for $109 per tire two weeks ago. I see Walmart has them listed at $115 per tire today, still a great deal.

    I just have to find a good alignment shop to straighten out my drive.

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