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    Default Anyone swapped in a 86-88 efi harness into a early 80's Mustang?

    I have done a 5.0L swap into a 81 Mustang that was a 200 6 cyl automatic. I know the harness is mostly stand alone but the grey 8 pin and black 8 pin by the brake booster and the green 8 pin by the pcm I need to figure out what the wires got to. Any help would be appreciated.

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    See Dean T and V8only. An 86 swap to an 84 car. That might help.

    See ""

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    If it makes a difference, I found when I swapped a '90 harness into a '79, most wire colors were the same for the same things between them.

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    Get yourself an EVTM for your car. Like THIS

    That will help identify what those connectors/wires are for.
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    Agree, huge help. Most of those wires in the black/white connectors go back to the EEC.

    Found this just now.

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