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    Default 200ci I6 Cylinder Head Options??

    Hey all, Iíve tried search function but couldnít find answers I was looking for.

    I have an 81í ghia with the 200ci straight 6. I wanna keep the straight 6 but I hate the casted in intake manifold and the stock exhaust manifold. I have been looking for different head options that would allow an aftermarket intake manifold and larger carb, as well as tubular headers. Looking for ideas on what kind of head I could swap on?

    Iíve found some split tubular headers online that would possibly allow me to ditch the stock exhaust manifold and go dual exhaust, but they say theyíre for the mercury capri with the same engine but not the mustang. Unsure why they wouldnít fit on a mustang since they seem to be the same carÖ This wouldnít solve the intake manifold problem but at least would be a step in the direction Iím trying to go.

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    Maybe poke around on this website:
    They make an aluminum head, but it always seems to be out of stock, ie; supply issues
    There may be some other performance options. is a forum dedicated to the Ford 6s. I think you have to join in order to see or participate.

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    I did find vintage inlines a while back. Looks like a sweet head but yeah Iíve never seen it available and the price tag is pretty hefty. Thatís what brought me here looking for other options. Ideally would like to find a better head from another straight 6 that would bolt on. I know itís a long shot.

    Iíll look into that other forum too. Havenít come across that one yet.

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    Faded memory: back in the 70's, Hot Rod mag had on tech article on Ak Miller's mods to the six.

    Hot Rod digital archives:

    Happy Hunting!


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