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    Default exhaust prob 3.3

    ok forgive me guys i am still a newbie to these cars i have me a 1979 ford fairmont four door and i have broke exhaust pipe.
    when i took it to the shop they wont work on it as it dont have a cat on it.
    sooo i would like to stick with the 3.3 inline as it only has 51000 on it.
    my qustion is can i take the cat and other parts from a 2.3 1993 mustang and make it work with little to no mods.
    ill take any info i can
    thanks in advance

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    Do you have emissions testing in your state? If no, find another shop. Is it just the cat? Or is all the emissions stuff missing.
    The 1993 stuff is different and will not work on your car.
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    We don’t have testing for it here in Ont but it’s required to be in working order and shops are not allowed to do the work with out it
    any idea where I could find exhaust parts for it or am I looking at making it all my self

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    Welcome to F E P ! !
    I also have the inline 200 6 , its lots of engine for what we do .
    Why do you mention the engine size ? Where is the exhaust pipe broken ? at the exhaust manifold ? most exhaust problems i have had were connection gasket issues . What is going on how did the pipe break ? maybe it will just break again after a repair ? maybe wrap the pipe with motorcycle exhaust wrap and hose clamp it on until you find a shop to replace the broken section . My car had 2 cats , one cat attached to exhaust manifold ( light off cat )and one cat under the car both are now gone . Shops in my area have no issue working on the car with the cats gone . If your area does not test for emissions , then could find an old cat and gut it , put that in place some where , shop will have no idea cat does not work . But even a gutted cat might get stolen ! then your back to were you started , a broken exhaust pipe. post a picture
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    Any new cat these days is going to be miles ahead of ANY of the old 2-cat systems, so I'd find a shop that will work with you to help fix the problem.

    Where is the exhaust broken?

    On the Fairmont, you can use Mustang stuff up front (if the engines are the same) and for mufflers and hangers. However, you need to add length between the downpipe up front and the muffler, as the Fairmont has an extra 5" of floorpan/wheelbase. Finding a new replacement front/catpipe is probably going to be difficult for a Mustang/Fairmont with the 3.3, but someone might have a used one. Not difficult to build a new one with a better cat. No need for a 2-cat system these days.

    Out back, you can use a Mustang tailpipe, but you need to extend the tip to get it to clear the bumper, as the rear overhang is longer.

    I had an '80 Z7 years ago with the 3.3 that I built an exhaust for. The cat was dead (and we had no testing) so I removed it. The rest of the stuff was pretty simple.

    I had to rebuild the rear of the exhaust on my '85 LTS, as the previous owner had cut it off before the cat, but the build/concept was the same, as the floorpans are similar in length. Add before the muffler, as add at the tailpipe tip. (I use a lot of v-band clamps for exhausts these days due to the ease and modularity of removal if when you need to work around things)

    A small high-efficiency cat can be easily added to the system,
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    Awesome guys thanks for the help I have now had the exhaust fixed and had a cat installed and it’s way way more quiet then it ever was before chucks thanks for the tip on the tail pip as I do need one of them as well but for this moment I just put a turn down right off the muffler till I can get back at it. Thanks again guys

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