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    Default Maker's Garage - Front splitter

    Hey all -

    Does anyone here have any experience with Maker's Garage products?

    They sell some 87-93' splitters that may be a better alternative to the Mach 1 lip folks commonly fabricate to fit.

    On their "Wheel configurator" tool - this is pictured, and it looks really sharp - but I don't see it available in their store. I wonder if the 87-93' lip offered is a better "out of the box" fit than the Mach 1? Hmm.

    (The satin-charcoal 93' Cobra repro wheels look mean too!)

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    Which one would fit better, the LX or GT style? Either way they are on the pricey side compared to the Mach style.
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    Most likely the LX would be a better match to the Four Eyed front lower bumper cover. Unfortunately there are some differences in the shape between the 83-86 and the 87-93 front bumper covers so it will not match up perfectly. Might be a better match than the Mach chin spoiler, but again the Maker's are definitely more expensive.

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