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    Default TMI aftermarket door panels

    Is it just me, or does TMI need to revisit the pattern for their replacement door panels?

    I confirmed with LMR (the seller) that I did indeed purchase & receive the correct panels for my 1986 t-top Capri.

    It's nice that TMI provided pre-cut holes for the door handle, door lock & window switches, & armrest. However, it would be better if they actually aligned the armrest attachment holes correctly. They aren't terribly misaligned, but it's enough to make the reinstallation of the armrest hardware difficult.

    And, let's face it, when you pay $700+ for a new part, you would like to think it will fit correctly. Has anyone else had trouble with this product? I'm just curious.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Thanks for the heads up. My door panels are not great so i was looking into some replacements.
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    Don't get me wrong. These look fantastic. And they seem to be high quality. But, they will not simply fall into place. My husband & I screamed my favorite expletive several times. They are not a direct bolt-on.

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