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    Default 1986 Mustang GT Vinyl Headliner Color (SMS AUTO FABRICS)

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Size:  70.8 KBI just received samples from SMS and they are both much darker than my original headliner. They are stating that's the only two colors offered would anyone know the correct name for the light gray. Its a factory sunroof car.
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    Officially the interior color is called Charcoal. I believe that is why they sent you the samples that they did, that’s all they know to go by. The lighter color used in the interior (carpeting, floor mats, headliner) was called “Oxford Grey”. Try a website called “Stock Interiors”. You can order free samples from them to match up to your existing headliner.
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    Looks like no grey in vinyl?...

    Coupe no sunroof LMR but all cloth...

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    SMS is sending out another sample today and they are stating its a perfect match Logan grain vinyl.

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